Core Brands

Thomas Foods SIGNATURE

This is TFI’s premium offering. Before a product will be packed into this range it has to the best in its class. These include products from our headline programs such as Angus Pure and CAAB beef – along with products produced from cattle and lambs handpicked from specific farms, or from controlled supply chains.

Thomas Foods SUPREME

These products include chilled beef and lamb, MSA program products, as well as specific products sourced from certain regions of Australia.

Thomas Foods CLASSIC

This range comprises quality chilled and frozen lamb, mutton, beef and goat products. These are what Thomas Foods has been producing from day one – and they’re the fundamentals upon which the business is built on.

We are proud to offer you a premium Retail Ready product in ‘Thomas Farms’.  Thomas Farms firmly believe that only produce sourced and grown by natural means can be AUSTRALIA’S BEST. We have also created a consumer brand, Thomas Farms, comprising of innovative and value added-meat products. Thanks to a massive investment in technology and infrastructure, we’re able to offer a huge range value-added products – from top quality Angus beef burgers, to BBQ sausages. These are sold directly to the consumer via a range of outlets including supermarkets and butchers


Australia’s Finest Beef

Premium MSA Grassfed ANGUS PURE

Premium MSA Grainfed CAAB

Certified Australian Angus Beef, owned by Angus Australia Members, is produced Exclusively by Thomas Foods International under the premium offering of the Thomas Foods Signature Range. The Signature Range, including brands Certified Australian Angus Beef ® and Angus Pure ®, are produced from cattle sourced from specific farms within controlled supply chains, with DNA samples taken from animals to allow for ‘Whole of life traceability’ to the property of origin. This move to exclusivity on both brands presents a wonderful opportunity to further grow the brand both domestically and in overseas markets.

Brand Attributes of Angus Pure

From Angus cattle, the Premium Breed

Free from Antibiotic treatments

Fully Traceable from Grower to Consumer

Independently Verified for breed

Enjoy the Natural eating experience

Free from Hormone Growth Promotants

Naturally grazed on Australian quality pastures

Eating Quality Assured for flavour and tenderness

Graded for quality by using Meat Standards Australia

For more information, download the brochure here.

Brand Attributes of CAAB

Sire: Angus Dam: Angus or Angus/British Breed or Angus/Wagyu
Grain Fed on cereal grain for an average of 120 days
MSA Graded
DNA Traceability
AusMeat Marble Score average 2+
Meat Colour AusMeat 1B – 3
Fat Colour AusMeat 0 – 2
All Cuts aged 21 days
Striploin aged for 28 days

For more information, download the brochure here.

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