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Customer satisfaction is our priority and our products are selected to provide the best experience – paddock to plate.Award winning brands tried and tested to be the best there is to offer! With a range of consistent brands and the ability to provide tailored solutions for your business.

lamb small     LAMB

Country Fresh Nationwide has built its reputation on the supply of high quality lamb. Due to our abattoirs locations we are able to select the best from each region, sourcing quality lambs from the pristine New England region and Southern Australia. As well as providing carcase lambs, we are carton meat specialist – offering a full range of lamb cuts and a variety of shelf-ready and value added products for retailers.

  • Carton Lamb
  • Chilled or Frozen
  • MSA Graded
  • Retail Ready

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We are the proud supplier of the Award winning lamb ‘New England Gold’ recently re-branded to ‘Supreme MSA’  The first MSA Lamb in the market and still the best!

Supplied by some of Australia’s most successful agricultural companies refining the art of lamb breeding and finishing over hundreds of years. A paddock to plate system, MSA provides a guaranteed eating experience through quality control of the entire production chain.

Click here to see a view the Lamb Primal Cuts.

cow small     BEEF

Australia is fortunate to have the best beef in the world, and with an ever changing consumer market Country Fresh Nationwide has a range of beef that can cater to your tastes. A full array of Primary and Secondary Primal Cuts for everyday needs, bulk pack and manufacturing packs all alongside Australia’s best premium branded beef.

We understand that every ones needs are different and we aim to please – we can offer a full range of consistent chilled and frozen beef cuts across all grades. Our beef is sourced from processors with a reputation for product quality, high standards in food safety and animal welfare. Cuts are packed according to the Ausmeat specifications with halal certification and MTC available on request.

We can provide a solution to whatever your preference in Beef, with a variety of packaging options:

  •        MSA Graded
  •        Organic
  •        Grain-fed
  •        Grass-fed
  •        HGP and Antibiotic free
  •        Exclusive Angus brands – Angus Pure & CAAB
  •        Budget and Manufacturing
  •        Chilled or Frozen

Click here to view the Beef Primal Cuts 

mutton small     MUTTON

Chilled or Frozen, we offer a variety of mutton products sourced from sheep raised naturally on the lush pastures of Australia and selected breeds known for their improved eating quality. Mutton is a versatile red meat which is considered lean and flavoursome. The perfect choice for a healthy meal that is cost effective.  Mutton is often misinterpreted however animals are classified as mutton as soon as they cut one tooth making them as young as 10 months old.

We produce a range of mutton lines our Standard cuts include:-   Boneless Mutton Legs, Backstrap, Tenderloin, Trunk & Thick Skirt

  • Chilled, Frozen
  • Boneless, Bone-in
  • Whole carcass, Legs, Middles & Shoulders
  • Bulk, Vacuum Packed, Wrapped
  • Halal certification and MTC available on request

goat small     GOAT

High quality goat cuts and 6 way cut carcasses are a valuable part of our range, a lean and flavoursome meat which is becoming a great additional to many plates now the most-eaten red meat in the world. A unique meat lower in fat and cholesterol without sacrificing flavour and tenderness.

Products available on request

pig small     PORK

Fresh and local Australian Pork!

pork 1 soft edge
A range of chilled and frozen raw pork products grown in Australia by reputable suppliers farming responsibly! We source our pork from suppliers who meet and exceed Australian standards and consistently supply flavoursome tender pork.

Moisture infused pork is available which is simply fresh pork that has been infused and processed with a balanced solution of water and salt. This process enhances the eating quality by ensuring the meat is juicy and tender.


  • Chilled, Frozen
  • Boneless, Bone-in
  • Legs, Middles & Shoulders
  • Bulk, Vacuum Packed, Wrapped


poultry-120x86     POULTRY

Country Fresh Nationwide also supplies a range of high quality chicken, sourced from industry leaders known for their quality and flavour. The poultry farmers and processors are passionate about their industry and leading the way for a sustainable future, with a focus on animal welfare.

Fresh or frozen whole birds and a selection of popular cuts – breasts, thighs, wings, drumsticks and more.

chicken soft edge duck soft edge





We are proud to offer you a premium Retail Ready product in ‘Thomas Farms’, a variety of Shelf Ready and portion controlled products made from high quality ingredients. A range tailored to offer superior products that save you time, enhanced with flavour.

Thomas Farms Corned Silverside   –   Hickory Beef Ribs   –   Burger Patties   –   Sausages   –   Butterflied Lamb Legs   –   Lamb Souvlaki

Diced Products   –   Dual Pack Lamb Shanks   –   Lamb Leg and Shoulder Roasts   –   Easy Carve Lamb Leg

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The Australian market is diverse in it’s product consumption with variety items and fancy meats now popular amongst consumers. A paddock to plate and nose to tail philosophy has enhanced not only dining experiences but home cooking.

Veal and Game Meats with their unique flavours as well as staple small goods and offal’s are also available.


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